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PayThem Technology

PayThem Tech

PayThem is a technology company specializing in electronic/digital code generation, distribution and redemption software solutions, for gift cards, vouchers, coupons, top-up/recharge cards, real-time transactions and bill payments.

Services For Every Supply Chain Step

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Basic Reseller Solutions

Resellers enjoy access to discounted gift cards and wholesale solutions

API Services

Advanced Reseller Solutions

Extensions are available for WooCommerce, Magento2 & Shopify. API available for custom integrations

Country Flags

Country Wide Distributor Solutions

PayThem’s Digital Gift Card Distribution Software as a Service (SaaS) is the ultimate solution for large scale distributors who have an existing distribution business or who are planning a large-scale gift card distributorship in a target country.

Code Generation & Redemption

Custom real-time code generation, distribution and redemptions services are complex systems built to meet specialised requirements. Please make use of the New Business Form on our Contact page to explore these options.

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