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Distributors and Retailers enjoy access to far more products, more than 400 different electronic vouchers and gift cards, that are all available on demand through the PayThem Platform. This excludes real-time transactions such as International Airtime and Data transfers and Transport Service Top-Ups (like Mowasalat Kawra, Qatar’s National Transport Service). All of these are available to Distributors and Retailers for resale. Read more…

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Hundreds of Retail Points make use of the PayThem system every day.  Could your sales benefit from this reach? If you have a product or service that you think could be distributed successfully through PayThem, we would like to talk to you. Read more…

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PayThem’s Electronic Voucher Distribution Platform has been specifically designed and developed  for the effective distribution of electronic vouchers and gift cards, as well as processing real-time transactions and bill payments. PayThem’s Electronic Voucher Distribution Platform is a Business to Business solution, enabling Distributors to provide a reliable, real-time distribution service to retailers and their customers. The PayThem’s Electronic Voucher Distribution Platform is available to Distributors on a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model. Read more…

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