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Products & Services

Our products & services can be divided into two main categories:

1. Direct Purchase Solutions


Consumers may purchase selected gift cards directly off this website.

Resellers & Wholesalers

Resellers who wish to purchase items on this website for resale will benefit from registering as a Reseller here. Resellers can also place bulk orders and qualify for additional discounts.

WooCommerce Plugin, ExpandCart & API

WooCommerce website owners may make use of our WooCommerce Plugin, which provides instant access to hundreds of products which can be purchased on demand. See it in action here

ExpandCart has also already integrated with PayThem servers. Simply Register as a Reseller and request your keys today. 

PayThem’s standard API is available to Registered Resellers and provides a direct integration solution for any custom system.

2. Distribution Solutions

Electronic Voucher Distribution Software as a Service (SaaS)

For companies with existing distribution networks or who are planning a large scale distributorship in a target country, where the goal is to recruit and service hundreds/thousands of retail outlets to distribute gift cards within the territory, click here to see our SaaS in action.

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