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PayThem offers a variety of gift card solutions for individuals and businesses who want to purchase gift cards as incentives or for reselling to their customers. From smaller discounts on individual purchase to wholesale gift card solutions for client who wish to order gift cards in bulk.


Immediate Discount Registering as Reseller provides immediate access to starter discounts on this website, even when only ordering one item at a time. Gift cards are delivered by email.

Wallet Access Resellers can top-up their Reseller Wallet through Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Bank transfer (extra discount on bank transfers of $1000 or more). Instead of entering payment details for every order, Resellers can simply select Reseller Wallet at checkout. Checkout is easier and the order is processed immediately.

Bulk Order Discount Resellers can bulk order gift cards on this website and enjoy an additional discount. This is our simplest wholesale gift card solution. As soon as the cart exceeds $1000 or 100 items, additional discount is automatically applied at checkout. Bulk orders should be paid by bank transfer, but other payment options may be available at an additional fee. Gift cards are delivered by email.

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Reseller Requirements & Process:

  1. Register as a Customer here (if not already registered).
  2. Submit a Reseller Application Form here.


Registered Resellers may enjoy additional discounts when making use of these gift card solutions.

PayThem’s Gift Card API

PayThem’s Gift Card API (Application Program Interface) allows the Reseller’s website/system to connect directly with PayThem servers and purchase gift cards on demand. PayThem’s API documentation is available for Resellers who want to develop their own integrations for their websites/systems and PayThem has already developed plugins/modules for popular ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, ExpandCart and Magento2 (coming soon). The API uses a separate API Wallet (Not the Reseller Wallet) which the Reseller needs to top-up. Every time that a gift card is purchased via the API, the cost price of the gift card is deducted from the API Wallet. The API Wallet top-up should be paid by bank transfer ($1000 minimum), but other payment options may be available at an additional fee.

API Integrations

PayThem API The latest API developer documentation can be viewed/downloaded here. Registered Resellers may request sandbox credentials through our contact page. Once the minimum tests have been completed, live credentials may be requested. Top-up the API Wallet and start selling gift cards.

WooCommerce Gift Card Plugin WooCommerce website owners can install the WooCommerce Gift Card plugin for instant access to hundreds of gift cards on demand. See the WooCommerce Gift Card plugin demo here. Registered Resellers can download the latest plugin from the Reseller menu when logged in. Simply request production credentials and top-up the API Wallet to start.

Magento 2.4 Extension is available on Magento Marketplace here allowing Magento2 Store Owners to instantly connect their Magento2 websites with PayThem servers and purchase items on demand at the exact time that the customer pays for an item.

ExpandCart Gift Card App ExpandCart websites owners can activate the PayThem App in ExpandCart to connect with PayThem servers. Request production credentials from PayThem and top-up the API Wallet to start.

API Requirements & Process:

  1. Must be a Registered Reseller.
  2. Request API credentials (keys).
  3. Top-up API Wallet.

Wholesale Gift Card Downloads

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PayThem’s Virtual Voucher Service (VVS) is suitable for Wholesale Gift Card orders where hundreds or thousands of gift cards need to be downloaded in CSV format. The Reseller needs to order VVS Wallet top-ups on this website ($2500 minimum) paid by bank transfer. Once the funds have been received and loaded onto the Reseller’s VVS Wallet, the Reseller may proceed to create and download CSV orders.

Requirements & Process:

  1. Must be a Registered Reseller.
  2. Request VVS Access.
  3. Top-up VVS Wallet.


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PayThem’s Digital Gift Card Distribution Software as a Service (SaaS) is the ultimate solution for large scale distributors who have an existing distribution business or who are planning a large-scale gift card distributorship in a target country. PayThem’s Digital Gift Card Distribution Software may be rented as a service to manage the distribution of gift cards through hundreds or thousands of retail outlets.

PayThem’s Digital Gift Card Distribution Software enables a gift card distributorship to manage every aspect of a digital gift card distribution business, from accessing an international network of gift card providers to importing custom products and making all these products available online and offline through retail outlets and point of sale (POS) devices.

Success will depend on investment capital, a sound business plan, and enough staff with the required administrative/sales/technical skills to establish and operate a distributorship.

Read more about our Distributor Solution and requirements here.

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