Products & Services

Electronic Vouchers, Gift Cards andĀ Real-time Transactions

More than 400 different electronic vouchers and gift cards are distributed via the PayThem Platform. This excludes real-time transactions such as Mowasalat Kawra Smartcard Top-Ups (Qatar’s National Transport Service ), International Airtime and Data transfers and Satellite TV subscriptions payments to name a few.

For an up to date list of the products and real-time services available in your area, simply click here to visit your nearest participating PayThem outlet.

Electronic Voucher / Gift Card Distribution Software

PayThem’s Electronic Voucher Distribution Platform has been specifically designed and developedĀ  for the effective distribution of electronic vouchers and gift cards, as well as processing real-time transactions and bill payments. PayThem’s Electronic Voucher Distribution Platform is a Business to Business solution, enabling Distributors to provide a reliable, real-time distribution service to retailers and their customers. The PayThem’s Electronic Voucher Distribution Platform is available to Distributors as a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model. Read more…

Ticketing Service

PayThem provides an unmatched Booking / Registration / Ticketing Service. Enjoy the exceptional reach of an Online Ticketing Service that accepts online payments (credit card) as well as offline payment (cash) at more than 350 participating outlets in Qatar and UAE. The PayThem Ticketing Service is simple, easy and cost effective. Read more…