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Digital Gift Card Distribution Software as a Service (SaaS)

This is the ultimate solution for large scale distributors who have an existing distribution business or are planning a large scale distributorship in a target country, where the goal is to recruit and service hundreds/thousands of retail outlets to distribute gift cards within the territory.
Success requires investment capital, a sound business plan, and enough staff with the required administrative/sales/technical skills to establish/maintain a success of a distributorship in the country. If you meet these eligibility requirements and we accept your application, you may rent our entire software platform on a monthly basis subject to the terms, conditions and sales targets.


PayThem’s Digital Gift Card Distribution Software has been specifically designed and developed for Distributors to effectively distribute electronic vouchers such as mobile airtime, calling cards, gift cards and real-time transactions to their Retailers and Consumers.

PayThem has custom developed this software from a Distributor’s perspective, ensuring that it provides all the functions, features and benefits required by a Distributor. We use this software in our own distributorships every day and many Independent Distributors, operating in various countries, rely on this software for the success of their distribution businesses. PayThem’s Digital Gift Card Distribution Software is a tried, tested and trusted solution.

Distributors may use this software (Software as a Service “SaaS“) for the distribution of their own vouchers and gift cards and/or to instantly access hundreds of existing products available through PayThem. Distributors enjoy the features and benefits of a world class reliable business to business electronic voucher distribution solution with complete control over every aspect of the supply chain.

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Management, Control and Reporting

Multiple Distributor User Levels are provided (Administrators, Managers, Back Office Admin, Regional Sales Managers & Sales People) so that Distributor staff can be limited to the level of access required to perform their functions.

Monitor and manage warehouse stock levels. Automated reserves can be managed in cases where products are purchased on demand from suppliers.

Edit product names, bar-codes, pricing to retailers and recommended retail prices.

Multiple Retailer User Levels are provided (Company Managers, Branch Managers and Sales People) so that Retailer staff can be limited to the level of access required to perform their functions. Distributors can create and manage Retailers, Branches and their Users as required. Distributors determine which products will be available to the Retailer and which technologies they may use to sell products.

A magnitude of reports provide comprehensive real-time data, which can be exported to Excel for detailed analysis:

  • Financial Reports
  • Logistics Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Demographic Reports

Purchasing Stock

Supplier to PT

Numerous standard CSV formats are supported allowing stock to easily be imported directly into the system. Custom CSV formats can be developed if required.

Custom integrations with suppliers are possible, but may require custom development. This enables the Distributors warehouse to stock up on demand from the supplier’s system.

Distributors may choose to have instant access to hundreds of popular products available through PayThem, immediately increasing the Distributor’s offering and income potential.

Distribution Technologies

PayThem provides various distribution technologies to cater for almost any requirement from a Distributor’s customers.

The adjacent video demonstrates sales made via some of the most popular Point of Sale solutions, starting with an older POS device followed by an Android Phone & Bluetooth printer, Android POS Device and Laptop/PC. Our distribution technologies include a standard API which allows the Distributor’s customers to develop their own custom integrations to purchase items from the Distributor on demand. We also have premade solutions for WooCommerce (see it here) and ExpandCart with more on the way.

Drill down below for additional details.

QuickShop is a Point of Sale portal accessible through Computers, Laptops, Tablets and  Smartphones. Retailers using Quickshop can easily view the catalogue and print gift cards for the customer on demand.

For additional security, PayThem’s Desktop Application may be installed on the Retailer’s Windows computer, which will lock account access to that specific device. The sales portal and functionality is virtually identical to QuickShop.

PayThem’s native Android Application may be installed on Android mobile phones. The application has been translated into several languages for user convenience. If a Bluetooth slip printer is also connected to the mobile phone, gift card receipts can be printed in addition to viewing the gift card on screen or sending it via SMS.

PayThem’s system is compatible with selected POS Devices, which offer the advantage of having a built-in printer and being mobile. Although older POS devices may be compatible, newer Android POS devices are faster and more reliable.

Distributors can export stock to CSV files for wholesale orders and for retailers that wish to import stock into their own systems for further distribution.

Distributor can offer this turnkey solution to Retailers who make use of WooCommerce for their e-commerce sales. The plugin connects the WooCommerce Store to the Retailers account created by the Distributor, providing instant access to all of the products enabled for that Retailer. The Retailer can then select and price products to be sold in the WooCommerce Store.

Distributor can offer ExpandCart customers the option to connect their ExpandCart website to their account created by the Distributor, providing instant access to all of the products enabled for that Retailer. The Retailer can then select and price products to be sold in the website.

Distributors can provide Retailers with API access, allowing the Retailer’s custom developed systems to connect and purchase items as required for sale through their own systems.

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