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Gift Card Plugin for WooCommerce

If you have an existing WooCommerce website or if you are planning on starting a WooCommerce website, PayThem offers a turnkey solution to access hundreds of popular Gift Cards and instantly make these Gift Cards available for purchase on your website.

It cannot be easier. We actually timed a new user who had never seen the PayThem WooCommerce Plugin before. From installing the plugin to publishing their first product took 11 minutes.

Using a private encrypted wallet means that you will enjoy access to wide variety of Gift Cards without needing to carry stock. On demand, whenever you pull an item from our warehouse, the cost price will be deducted from your private wallet.

See it in action

Short demonstration video showing how quick and easy it is to install the plugin, set it up and create a product in just a few minutes.

How it works

  • Apply to become a Reseller is you have not already done so.
  • Once your Application has been accepted by PayThem, we will provide your account details and access to the plugin.
  • Top-up your private encrypted plugin wallet with a credit card or get a discount when you top-up through bank transfer to Australia, United Arab Emirates or Qatar. USD is preferred, but we also accept payments in AUD, GBP, EUR, AED and QAR (using to calculate the USD equivalent at the time of processing the order).
  • As soon as your wallet balance becomes available you the plugin will be able to start purchasing items on demand.

PayThem WooCommerce Plugin Application

The only thing left to do is start with the application today.

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