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Reseller Discounts

Discount depends on two things:

  1. How much you order
  2. How you pay for the order

How much you order

Reseller Price – As a Reseller, even if you only order 1 item at a time, in most cases you will already enjoy some discount.

Bulk Price – Order 100 items (any combination of products) OR total $1000 and you will qualify for wholesale pricing. For example, if you order 50 x iTunes $5 AND 50 x Google $5 , you have 100 items in your cart and will qualify for the Bulk Price, even though the order total is only $500. And if you only order 11 x iTunes $100, you will also qualify for the Bulk Price because the order total is $1100 even though the quantity is only 11. 

How you pay for the order

Bank Transfers – Best option, but only available for orders greater than $1000. We accept payments in USD/AUD/EUR/GBP/AED.

Credit Card – Second best option and only available for orders up to a maximum of $500.

PayPal – In some cases PayPal may be available at checkout but may generate additional fees.

For the maximum discount, order more than $1000 and pay by bank transfer.
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