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Gift Card Reseller Wallet

PayThem’s Reseller Wallet offers the following main benefits for Gift Card Resellers: 

  1. Unlimited Transactions. While a maximum of 3 credit card transactions is permitted every 24 hours, there is no limit to the number of orders that can be paid using the wallet. So top-up the wallet (maximum $500 by credit card or by bank transfer) and then use the wallet to purchase items as needed.
  2. Immediate Delivery. Sometimes credit card payments take a while to clear, which can delay orders, but Orders paid with the wallet are usually delivered immediately.
  3. Easy Use. At checkout, if the wallet balance is enough to pay for the order, simply choose Wallet instead of credit card and checkout as usual.
  4. Pay Wholesale Orders. You can even use your wallet to pay for Wholesale Orders subject to a surcharge.

How it works

  • Reseller Applicants need to submit the Reseller Application below.
  • PayThem will evaluate the application and may ask for additional information and documents. 
  • Once approved, the Application becomes an Agreement and access is granted to the wallet facility through the User’s account section.
  • VISA and MasterCard may be used to top-up the wallet (Banking restrictions apply, typically maximum $500 per Top-up, maximum 3 Top-up’s in 24 hours). Wallet Top-up’s paid by card may take several hours to be approved. Once approved, the wallet balance is increased and becomes available at checkout.
  • Direct Bank Transfers (Minimum $2000) .
    • Bank transfers have to be made directly into one of our bank accounts in Australia, United Arab Emirates or Qatar. 
    • USD is preferred, but if required we can also accept payments in AUD, EUR, AED and QAR.
    • The net amount received in our account after any bank charges and exchange rate conversions must equal or exceed the USD value of the Top-up order before it will be processed. In cases where we do not receive USD, we use to calculate the USD equivalent at the time of processing the Top-up order.

Reseller Application

Submit your application to register as a Reseller below. 

If you cannot see the Reseller Application form below, please login or register here before returning to this page.

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