Ticketing Service

PayThem provides an unmatched Booking / Registration / Ticketing Service. Enjoy the exceptional reach of an Online Ticketing Service that accepts online payments (credit card) as well as offline payment (cash) at more than 350 participating outlets in Qatar and UAE. The PayThem Ticketing Service is simple, easy and cost effective.

Before the Event

PayThem only requires the following basic information well in advance.

  • Event name, date, time and location details.
  • Number of tickets, types and pricing.
  • Event logo and/or Sponsor logo/s.
  • Ticket terms and conditions

With permission, PayThem may promote the event through its online and offline networks to maximize sales.

Customers book / register and pay on the PayThem website using a Credit Card or PayThem Coupons, which are available for purchase at all 350+ participating outlets. Immediately after payment, customers can print their tickets on any regular printer.

Example Ticket

Space is provided for the event logo and/or a sponsor logo.

Event details, ticket owner name, ticket type and ticket number may be included together with any terms and conditions.

A QR Code and Bar code are provided for Check-in.

At the Event

Our Check-in App can be installed on almost any Apple or Android device to read the QR Code. The Check-in App can be installed on multiple devices, making multiple check-in points possible.

The Check-in App requires good lighting and the mobile device requires reliable internet access in order to connect with PayThem servers.

We also offer a Google Chrome extension for PC use, which downloads and stores the entire guest list onto PC for use offline without an internet connection. The extension will synchronize with the PayThem servers whenever internet access is available. PC’s use a Bar code Scanner for Check-in, which is generally more reliable in poor lighting conditions and faster for high volume check-ins.

Either of these technologies may be used simultaneously, providing real time access control and visibility of attendees.

After the Event

Full reporting is available to establish which attendees arrived and which did not. Full and final settlement is paid.


Bottom Line Benefits

PayThem’s Ticketing Service provides all of the benefits of a Premium Ticket Service with the added advantage of being able to accept payments from customers with or without a credit card. Just look at the benefits:

  1. Free and Paid Bookings / Reservations/ Tickets are possible.
  2. Limit the number of tickets or accept open bookings.
  3. Offer different ticket types with different prices (E.g. VIP and Regular)
  4. Offer Multiple Entry Tickets (Same day or over several days)
  5. Offer Early Bird Specials, Promotion Codes and Discount Vouchers.
  6. Free marketing exposure across the PayThem online/offline network.
  7. Accept payments by Credit Card and Cash at hundreds of locations.
  8. No need for to pay for your own Credit Card services / fees.
  9. Customers can print their tickets immediately.
  10. Comprehensive ticket sales reporting leading up to the event.
  11. Check-in facilities with real-time reporting for fast validation at the door.
  12. Receive Ticket Sales income fast and directly into your bank account.
  13. Competitive and fair fee structure. No hidden costs and no surprises.

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