Electronic Voucher Distribution Software

PayThem Management has been in the electronic voucher distribution game since 2012 and custom developed this electronic voucher distribution software from a distributor’s perspective, ensuring that it provides all of the functions, features and benefits required by a distributor.

PayThem’s Electronic Voucher Distribution Software is a tried and tested solution that currently provides the backbone for distributors in three countries (with more on the way).


PayThem’s Electronic Voucher Distribution Software is a Business to Business solution, enabling Distributors to provide a reliable, real-time distribution service to retailers and their customers.

PayThem’s Electronic Voucher Distribution Software (Virtual Voucher Server “VVS“) has been specifically designed and developed for the effective distribution of electronic vouchers (such as mobile airtime and calling cards), gift cards and real-time transactions down to retail level, where the customer makes an offline purchase and receives the voucher/receipt.

PayThem’s Electronic Voucher Distribution Software is available for Distributors (Software as a Service “SaaS“) to use for the distribution of their own electronic vouchers and gift cards, or to instantly access hundreds of existing products available through PayThem.

Ultimate Distributor Flexibility

Distributors enjoy the benefits of a world class reliable business to business electronic voucher distribution solution with complete control over every aspect of the supply chain.

Various ways to get stock into the system

Import CSV Files.

Numerous standard CSV formats are supported allowing stock to easily be imported directly into VVS. Custom CSV formats can be developed if required.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Custom integrations with suppliers are possible and may be developed if required.

Immediate access to PayThem’s range of products

Distributors may choose to have instant access to hundreds of popular products available through PayThem, immediately increasing the Distributor’s offering and income potential.

Various ways to sell stock out of the system

QuickShop Web Portal

QuickShop can be accessed from almost any internet connected Computer, Laptop, Tablet or  Smartphone, using a regular browser. For maximum security, we provide an application that can be installed onto the computer which printed directly to a slip printer.

POS Device

PayThem’s system is compatible with selected POS Devices, which primarily offer the advantage of having a built-in printer and being mobile.

Bulk Exports

Distributors can export stock to CSV for wholesale orders and for retailers that wish to import stock into their own systems for further distribution.

Application Programming Interface (API).

PayThem offers a standard API with which the Distributors retailers can integrate their system directly with VVS in order to purchase stock as required for further distribution through their own POS systems.

Total Supply Chain Management

Distributors control every aspect of the supply chain.

  • Edit product names, bar-codes, pricing for retailers and recommended selling price.
  • Determine which products are available to selected retailers.
  • Create as many Retailers, Branches and Users as required.
  • Full control over retailers and staff.
  • Financial control systems.

Distributor Users & Reporting

Multiple Distributor User Levels are provided (Administrators, Managers, Back Office Admin, Regional Sales Managers & Sales People) so that staff can be limited to the level of access required to perform their functions.

A magnitude of reports (including Financial Reports, Sales Reports, Demographic Reports & Logistics Reports) provide comprehensive real-time data, which can be exported to Excel for detailed analysis.Ultimate Retailer Flexibility

Retailer Users & Reporting

Multiple Retailer User Levels are provided (including Company managers, Branch Managers and Sales People) so that Retailer staff can be limited to the level of access required to perform their functions.

Retailers can view and export Detailed and Summarized Financial and Sales Reports for every branch and ever user.


VVS is hosted on secure servers with a 99.9% uptime record. Advanced security measures ensure end to end encryption between VVS and Users, with detailed event tracking records, providing a robust solution for total peace of mind.

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