PayThem VVS Wallet Top-Up

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This VVS Wallet Top-Up is exclusively for customers making use of PayThem’s VVS Solutions.

  • A minimum of $1000 or more should be paid by bank transfer (USD, AUD, EUR, AED). The bank transfer option will only be visible when the amount exceeds $1000.
  • We will provide bank details for the transfer after checkout. Once payment has been made, proof of payment needs to be uploaded at
  • International transfers usually take several days to clear.
  • PayThem accountants will load within 1 business day of receiving the transfer.
  • The net amount received in PayThem’s bank account after any bank charges will be applied to your VVS Wallet.
  • If any currency other than USD is paid, our accountants will use to calculate the USD equivalent at the time of loading the account.
  • As far as possible, please ensure that the amount transferred is enough to cover bank charges (Usually about $20).

In case of emergency, we currently also allow credit card top-up of $500 minimum, subject to additional fees. However, please note that this is not ideal and the credit card top-up option may be discontinued at any time without warning. Credit card top-up’s are usually processed within 1-8 hours subject to all compliance requirements being in place.

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

  • Secure checkout directly on bank servers
  • Orders delivered by email