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Store Credit has been replaced.

Try our new Prepaid Wallet.

Click here to top-up your wallet in the My account section.

The old Store Credit system has been replaced with a new Prepaid Wallet which offers additional benefits.

  1. Unlimited Transactions. While only 1 or 2 orders can be paid by credit card every 24 hours, there is no limit to the number of orders that can be paid using the Prepaid Wallet. This means that a single credit card transaction can be used to top-up your Prepaid Wallet, which can then be used for any number of orders without any problems.
  2. Immediate Delivery. Orders paid with the Prepaid Wallet are delivered straight away.
  3. Smaller Top-ups. The minimum Store Credit purchase was $500. Prepaid Wallet top-up starts at $100.
  4. Does not expire. Unlike Store Credit, the Prepaid Wallet balance never expires.
  5. Easy Use. At checkout, simply choose Wallet instead of Credit Card and checkout as usual.
  6. Bonus. When you purchase certain products, you may find bonus payments added to your Prepaid Wallet.

Wallet Top-up may take several hours to be approved. Once approved, the available balance will be displayed/available at checkout.

Click here to top-up your wallet in the My account section.

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