Karwa Smartcard Top-Up

Top-up Karwa Smartcard by Credit Card.



  1. *Top-Up QAR 100 or more and Mowasalat Karwa will add QAR 10 FREE within 24 hours. Should you not receive this bonus top-up, please contact your nearest Mowasalat Karwa office.
  2. Please allow 24 hours for the top-up instruction to be sent to every bus in Qatar. It is recommended to always keep a balance of QAR 10 or QAR 15 on your Smartcard to avoid any problems travelling while the top-up instruction is being processed.
  3. The top-up will be transferred to the Smartcard when it is used on a bus. See Mowasalat communication below explaining how to force the top-up if it is not automatically transferred to the Smartcard.

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