Retailer Registration


Retail Opportunity

Use your existing Point of Sale system or make use of our dedicated Point of Sale device to access and sell all of the products and services available through PayThem. You will enjoy the reliability of a world class solution and make handsome profits on your sales.

You are in complete control

  1. You decide how much money you want to load onto your PayThem wallet.
  2. You decide which employees have passwords to access your account.
  3. You decide which products and service to display and sell.
  4. You decide whether to follow the recommended price or charge more.
  5. You can see what every user sold at any time in detailed sales reports.
  6. You receive the payment directly from the customer ad keep the profit.

What do you have to do?

Apply to become a PayThem Point and simply display the marketing material that we provide, making sure that your customers know about all of the products and services that you can sell through the PayThem system.

Apply to become a PayThem Point

Simply click here to contact us and a representative will contact you for an appointment as soon as possible.