About PayThem

About PayThem

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Our management team has 50 years of combined experience, including distribution experience in the mobile network operator industry in Qatar, UAE and Southern Africa.

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Our team launched the exclusive electronic recharge solution for the 2nd mobile network operator in Qatar and established the 2nd biggest electronic provider in Zambia.

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The PayThem Virtual Voucher Server is our own intellectual property and is 100% flexible and scale-able to the benefit of distributors, retailers and consumers around the world.



Our solution can integrate with multiple distributors or be rented by a distributor (software as a service) for the distribution of electronic vouchers and bill payment collection.



Retailers can integrate with our system, use a regular browser or our handheld Point of Sale device to access and sell all of our electronic products and services.



Consumers benefit from the convenience of being able to buy their favorite vouchers and pay their bills at many more locations.

Meet the team

  • Vernon Joubert

    Vernon is a visionary entrepreneur with 20+ years of business development and management...

  • Andre Lamprecht

    Andre is our sales and marketing man. Coming from the financial services industry and...

  • Ernesto Ariola

    Ernesto is an experienced veteran in the sales and distribution of airtime...

  • Rodimar Pineda

    Rodimar comes from a logistics/warehousing background and we are honored that he decided to...

  • Ajay Kumar

    Ajay was a chief cashier for many years and is an entrepreneur who...

  • Annaliza Solivio

    Annaliza is our sunshine sales lady that ensures that our kiosk at Al...