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What to do if a voucher does not work

Selling thousands of vouchers to thousands of people every month, it happens from time to time that errors creep in. A product provider may provide a faulty PIN or a client may enter the PIN incorrectly. Whatever the problem, the issue will be resolved.

Please follow these steps to resolve the issue


Some vouchers can only be redeemed on accounts of the same region. For example, a USA iTunes voucher will NOT work on a UAE iTunes account. Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox and CashU are all region specific vouchers. Make sure that your account is compatible with the region of the voucher that you have purchased.


A common problem is that people enter the wrong PIN.

  1. A 0 (zero) looks like O (Orange). Capital "I" (Ink) looks like “1” or "l" (lucky).
  2. Capital letters should be entered as capital letters and lowercase letters should be entered as lower case letters.
  3. Spaces and/or dashes should not be entered. Some vouchers display the PIN with spaces or dashes (“ABC DEF GHI” or “ABC-DEF-GHI”). Leave spaces/dashes out.


Sometimes the website/service on which the voucher must be redeemed has a temporary problem. Sometime the voucher is redeemed, but the balance does not change straight away. Logout and try again later. Check the balance and statements to see if the voucher was not successfully redeemed without you being aware of it.


Contact the provider’s customer care or support wherever possible.

  1. Vodafone and Ooredoo customer should call 111 to resolve any problems.
  2. Riot League of Legend queries should be sent to support http://support.leagueoflegends.com


  1. Submit a photo of the PIN entered and the error message to PayThem.
  2. PayThem will contact the supplier and try to resolve the issue.
  3. PayThem will reply to you as soon as possible, but please note that some suppliers take several days to respond to PayThem.

We will fix this

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The law states that a provider must replace or refund a faulty product. However, the provider has the right to establish if the product is faulty with the supplier. It may take several business days to determine what the problem is. If it is found that the voucher has already been redeemed, no replacement or refund will be made. If it is found that the PIN is faulty, a replacement will be provided as soon as possible and where a replacement is not possible, a refund will be provided.

To proceed, please provide as much detail about the problem as possible in the following form and we will respond as soon as possible, usually within 2-5 business days.

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