Complaints and Refund Policy

Voucher Complaints & Refund Policy

Selling thousands of vouchers to thousands of people every month, it happens from time to time that errors creep in. A product provider may provide a faulty pin or a client may enter the PIN incorrectly. Whatever the problem, the issue will be resolved.

The law states that a provider must replace or refund a faulty product. Therefore the first step is to establish if the product is faulty with the supplier. It may take several business days to determine what the problem is. If it is found to be faulty, a replacement or refund will be provided as soon as possible.

Please allow up to 5 business days to resolve the issue.

First things first

Do not share the secret PIN with anyone. Use the serial number in all correspondence.

Before lodging a complaint to PayThem, please ensure that is is not one of these common problems.

  1. Reading mistakes: A zero (0) looks similar to the alphabet letter "o" (for orange) and a capital "I" (for Ink) looks similar to a "l" (for lucky). Make 100% sure that you are reading the PIN correctly.
  2. Typing mistakes: The pins are often long sets of numbers and/or charters and it often happens that characters are left out or entered incorrectly. Capital letters should be entered as capital letters and lowercase letters should be entered as lower case letters.
  3. Special characters: Some vouchers display the PIN with spaces or dashes (“ABC DEF GHI” or “ABC-DEF-GHI”). Spaces and/or dashes should not be entered when redeeming a PIN.
  4. Supplier server issues: Sometimes the website on which the pin must be redeemed is not functioning properly. The voucher may be redeemed successfully, but is not reflecting or the redemption service may be temporarily unavailable. If at first a voucher cannot be redeemed, logout and try again later.
  5. Wrong Region: Certain vouchers can only be redeemed on accounts of the same region. For example, a USA Dollar iTunes voucher cannot be redeemed on a UAE iTunes account. Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox and CashU are all region specific vouchers and can only be redeemed on accounts of the same region. Make sure that your account is compatible with the region of the voucher that you have purchased

Check with supplier

Most suppliers have a voucher query feature on their website or a call center for handling queries. Very often it is something small that can easily be rectified. Please make use of the suppliers services to resolve the issue before lodging a complaint to PayThem.

Understand the process followed to resolve a complaint

PayThem undertakes to resolve every complaint received as quickly as possible. However, this entails PayThem contacting the supplier for support and a supplier may take several business days to respond and resolve the issue. PayThem will respond to you as soon as possible, usually within 3 business days.

We will fix this

Just give us a chance

Complaint resolution procedure flowchart

Complaints Resolution Flowchart

As can be seen in the above flowchart, one of three outcomes is possible:

  1. If the PIN has already been used, the client will be informed that the pin has been used and that no replacement or refund will be provided.
  2. If the PIN is damaged/faulty, a replacement PIN will be provided directly to the client.
  3. If the PIN cannot be replaced, PayThem reserves the right to process a refund as the last resort. The client may then collect the refund directly from the PayThem office/kiosk or from the outlet where the voucher was purchased (This is at the discretion of the outlet).

Lodge a complaint

To commence with a complaint, please provide as much details about the complaint as possible in the following form and we will respond within 2-5 business days.

All fields are required

Please attach screenshot (gif png jpg jpeg) showing the PIN entered and the error message displayed (Max 1MB file size)

Attachment 1 - Screenshot of error message.

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