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About PayThem

Electronic Gift Card Distribution Technology

PayThem is a technology company specializing in electronic voucher distribution software solutions for vouchers, recharge cards, gift cards, real-time transactions and bill payments.

Whether businesses/resellers wish to distribute their own virtual products or resell PayThem’s range of products, we have a solution to meet almost any business case. And if it does not exist, we might just create it if it makes business sense to do so.

PayThem Technology

Multinational Operations​

With our head office in Australia, we own and manage distributorships in Qatar and United Arab Emirates, while our electronic voucher distribution software is used in several other countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Milestones since 2012

DHI International was an official physical scratch card distributor for Vodafone Qatar at the time. PayThem was started as the electronic recharge division of DHI International.

PayThem assists Mowalsat, the national bus operator in Qatar, to launch the Karwa SmartCard, an RFID Bus Card enabling commuters to use Smartcards instead of cash when traveling by bus.

PayThem launches its Virtual Voucher Service (VVS), an electronic gift card distribution system, for the effective distribution of electronic vouchers, gift cards and top-up services through retailer networks.

PayThem becomes an independent company with its own Directors and Shareholders.

  • PayThem launches operations in the UAE.
  • System integration provided to a Philippines based company.
  • System integration concluded with the Mowasalat in Qatar.
  • PayThem moves headquarters to Australia to better support global objectives.
  • An e-commerce division is launched to meet global demands.
  • A desktop application is developed for enhanced security at retailer level.
  • System integration is provided for a mobile recharge company in Ireland.
  • Distributorship agreements concluded with companies in Saudi Arabia and Zambia.
  • PayThem provides system integration for a recharge company in Singapore.
  • Mobile App is developed for retailers to securely access PayThem systems from their mobile devices.
  • Wholesale service is launched.
  • PayThem launches PDA Mobile App for outbound sales teams to better manage their retailers.
  • PayThem provides mobile app integration services for a mobile network operator in Qatar.
  • Distributorship agreements signed with companies in Oman, Jordan and South Africa.

TripGift approved PayThem as an official distribution partner of its products

PayThem’s distribution technology (platform) is approved by Sony PlayStation.

We have a vision

To be recognized globally as the preferred software provider by all stakeholders in the supply chain of electronic vouchers, gift cards and bill payments.

PayThem Team Photo

Mission Statement

We provide our suppliers with a professional, efficient and cost effective distribution service.

We provide our distributors with a simple business opportunity, backed by professional service and support.

We provide our retailers and end users with ultimate convenience by putting a variety of useful lifestyle products within arm’s length.

We strive for a supportive, open working environment that encourages synergy and provides the freedom to excel as an employee.

We are professional, honest, trustworthy, dedicated, customer focused people that believe in doing our best every day, for the benefit of all stakeholders.


"PayThem is the BEST e-voucher supplier. Unique software, great management team that is cooperative and helpful and the wide variety of vouchers we have access to. This opened a new revenue stream for our company and we are looking forward to growing further with PayThem."
Mustafa Ahmed
"PayThem has provided a fantastic solution for our
voucher sales business and we have implemented
their Point Of Sale system in all of our retail outlets.
Thanks to their range of products, we no longer need to carry any physical stock of these products."
Hashim Eramu
General Manager

In the Press

Mowasalat Karwa Signing Ceremony 2016

Senior Management

Vernon Joubert
Vernon Joubert B.Comm (Hons)
General Manager Australia
Dreams lead to vision. Plans lead to mission. Results are the proof that vision & mission are working.
Richard de Breyn
Richard de Breyn
Chief Technical Officer
Business requirements determine system requirements. System performance determines business performance.
Andre Lamprecht
Andre Lamprecht BSc ITM
General Manager Qatar
What you put in determines what you get out. The more one seeks opportunities, the more opportunities will seek you.
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